SWTOR Juggernaut Stats Guide

The big day is approaching us in 7 more anxiety filled days! Are you ready to chose what you want to chose when the game launches? Before you decide, why not take a quick peep on the SWTOR Juggernaut‘s stats?

SWTOR Juggernaut Stats:

  • Strength: One of the Juggernaut’s dominant stats when dealing high velocity melee damage to opponents. This stat will increase every 4 points as a player levels up.
  • Endurance: Every level gained, endurance will increase by 3.5 points. The points in turn are used to increase HP. Each point = 10 HP.
  • Cunning: This stat is mainly used for Imperial Agents and Smugglers. For the Sith Juggernaut, his or her Cunning stat is increased 0.9 points per level.
  • Presence: Another main stat for the Juggernaut used for his or her companions. Presence is gained 3.5 points per level.
  • Aim: This improves for range and blast attacks. This stat is not a desired stat for Juggernauts with the exception of Bounty Hunters and Troopers. On average, 0.9 points is gained per level.
  • Willpower: This is for Force attacks; this stat is an idea stat for the Sith Juggernaut class.

Sith Juggernaut Secondary Stats:

  • Armor
  • Defense
  • Force Power
  • Power Shield
  • Surge
  • Accuracy
  • Alacrity
  • Critical Chance
  • Absorption
  • Expertise

Is the SWTOR Juggernaut class suitable for you? Personally, I think this is one of those classes which, excuse the pun, is quite hard hitting. Players will enjoy the melee attacks presented by the Juggernaut with all his intimidation and brawn. However, remember to play this character wisely. Even with all the average or above average stat, a SWTOR Juggernaut can easily be overwhelmed if not careful. Don’t be overconfident is the ABSOLUTE rule of thumb!

Players interested in this class should learn the ways of the Juggernaut to learn about its pros and cons. Players may experience the Juggernaut to be a huge lunk of meat if the character cannot be used properly!

For more information and curiosity, why not check out SWTOR Classes to get a better understanding of each class!

SWTOR Juggernaut Guide

This article is a good starting point to learn about SWTOR Juggernaut. Check out this SWTOR Sith Juggernaut Guide for more advanced details, insights and gameplay tactics.

Sith Warriors are the elite soldiers of the Empire, sent to eliminate the uncontrolled malaise brought on by the Jedi and reshape the galaxy as loyal to the Emperor and his dark forces. However, they can strike out on their own and become renegades as well. Sith Warriors use lightsabers as their physical weapon. They can also use Force powers to stun, horrify, and kill their enemies. They tend to lead their Dark Side compatriots, such as Bounty Hunters and other Sith, in battle. The Sith Warrior classes diverges into the Juggernaut advanced class and the Marauder advanced class.

As a specialization of the Sith Warrior class, Juggernauts also use lightsabers and the Force as their weapons. However, Juggernauts are far more sturdy than the Sith Warrior. They are also more defense-centric than the Marauder class, which extends the attack abilities of the Sith Warrior. Their gear includes the Single Saber and Heavy Armor. They can utilize the Darkside and Fear Force powers.

No SWTOR Juggernaut Guide would be complete without mentioning how the Juggernaut compares to other classes. Put simply, the Juggernaut class appears to be the best tank class in the game because of various defensive skills. It’s actually quite similar to skill in blade and soul itself. They have the most stamina and the strongest defenses. The Bounty Hunter and Sith Inquisitor classes can act as tanks, but the Juggernaut seems to be the purest tank class and it has been in development for longer than the other tank classes.

This SWTOR Juggernaut Guide has provided an overview of the Juggernaut advanced class, both from a story and technical. It has also explained how it ties into the Sith Warrior class. These details should give the player a better idea of whether the Juggernaut class is right for them and how to use the Juggernaut class to its full potential in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Star Wars: the Old Republic Sith Juggernaut Advanced Class

The Juggernaut is shaping up to be one of the most interesting classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This SWTOR Juggernaut Guide will provide crucial data as to the nature of the Juggernaut class, how it fits into Star Wars: The Old Republic as a whole, and how it should be played for maximum benefit.

In order to understand the Juggernaut class, one must understand how it fits into the class progression scheme of Star Wars: The Old Republic. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, each of the eight main character classes diverges into one of two advanced classes. Juggernaut is an advanced class, descended from the Sith Warrior primary class.

SWTOR Sith Warrior Progression